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Client Blog: Fay's frank feedback about her Thailand hotels - Rayavadee (Part 1/3)

What’s the point of having a best friend with similarly adventurous travel tastes if one can’t take advantage and arm her with a list of questions and instructions each time she departs the UK?

There’s no rest for poor Fay on her holidays. Following her recent return from Thailand, she kindly agreed to be interrogated about the three hotels that she stayed at on the basis that no punches should be pulled.

Constructive yet frank client feedback is an essential part of the process and I need to hear the good, the bad as well as the ugly. *Disclaimer: there isn’t usually any ugly, fear not!

Rayavadee, Railay Island, Krabi

Rayavadee is situated in the heart of Krabi's beautiful Phranang Peninsula on the border of Krabi Marine National Park, an area renowned for its natural beauty and rich flora, fauna, and marine life.

  • Reached by indirect flights via Bangkok, followed by private car and speedboat transfer.

  • Fay and Sid stayed for 2 nights in a Deluxe Pavilion with breakfast included.

How was your arrival transfer?

You must remember that this transfer is probably the most difficult as you have just travelled 6,500 miles, hung out at Bangkok Airport, and then caught another plane to Krabi. Dazed and confused, in a word. Everything is unfamiliar, it's dark and you have no idea what is going to happen next.

So, the driver was perfect and did not speak with us. It took about 30 minutes to reach the pier and we were the only people being taken to Rayavadee as it was a private transfer.

We did worry a little BUT no need; our boat arrived (problems with the tide) and then off we went. How they see in the dark is a miracle. As the tide was out our adventure did not end here as we had to take a tractor from the boat to the hotel... all good fun!

How was your hotel reception experience?

We were greeted with the traditional Thai smile, welcome drink and a cold flannel. Then we were bombarded with information, unsurprisingly none of which sank in.

What was your first impression of the hotel?

It was dark so we did not know how special it was until the morning!

What type of room were you in?

Entry level Deluxe Pavilion - Amazing

Room score out of 10 and why?

10/10. Just luxury and this was the entry level. We did not need any more than this. Stunning.

Bathroom score out of 10 and why?

10/10. We had two toilets - one downstairs and one up with the main bathroom. It was spacious with a view of the jungle. Big fluffy towels. Loads of bathroom bits from hair conditioner to nail files, homemade mosquito spray - it was lovely.

Breakfast buffet score out of 10 and why?

10/10. Amazing buffet and also hot menu. I did have the Dan Dan noodles one morning which were delicious. Such a treat when the monkeys bounce over above your head, especially with their babies.

Did you need to fight for a sunbed?

No. We found a corner by the pool facing the beach - perfect.

What was your favourite meal during your stay?

We did have a lovely supper on our first night, not that we can really remember BUT I had the soft-shelled crab, and it was delicious and my first experience of the Thai prawn fish cakes and sweet chilli dipping sauce – YUM.

Top tip?

Stay here and then there's no need to take a trip to Railay Beach. Stay for more than two nights IF you can afford it. I wish we had!

Would you return?

Undoubtedly YES.


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