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I'm Jo, and I want you to go away. Sorry, I'll rephrase: I know and love travel, and I want to share.

Great places, lovely people, new cultures - these are the rewards for a lifelong love of exploring, during which time I have forged connections with brilliant people at the best places.

I have lived in Geneva, Durban, Stockholm and Milan, and speak four languages.


My career in travel began in the 90s and I've been an independent travel expert since 2011.

In 2021, I was proud to receive the ultimate accolade as the UK & Ireland’s Top Travel Agent along with being voted the UK’s Top Home-Based Agent at the TTG Travel Industry Awards.


The North Essex coast is my current happy place.

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Where I’ve Been

USA, Canada, Indian Ocean, Far East, Middle East, Australasia, South Africa, Morocco and extensive European travel.

Favourite Places & Eats

Italy – I spent a year working as a nanny in Milan after leaving school and have been fascinated with the language, the food and the diversity of this country ever since. PASTA. 


Mauritius – who doesn’t love an island paradise? Mauritius has an edge over the Caribbean and The Maldives as it’s an island you can explore by car as well as flop on the beach. Safe, friendly, welcoming. GATEAUX DE PIMENTS.

Canada – mountains, lakes, whales, lovely people and most importantly, POUTINE.

The rest of Europe – I can’t pick a country, so I’ll pick a continent instead. I do love Europe. It never fails to amaze me that we have 44 countries with 24 languages to explore on our doorstep.

Most embarrassing travel experience

Forgetting that my passport was due to expire and leaving myself 3 days to sort a new one along with an ESTA to travel to the USA.  Also, my most stressful travel experience!

Your one luxury when you travel

My state-of-the-art hand-held mini fan from John Lewis. Charged using a phone charger, it keeps me cool in airports, hotels, restaurants and transfers. I can’t travel without it. In fact, I have three!

Best piece of travel advice

Book your travel as far in advance as possible in order to achieve the best price. There’s no such thing as a last-minute deal and hasn’t been since the 90s!

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