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Jo creates breathtakingly unforgettable travel dreams and brings them to life - Kirit Solanki

As a family, we have been working with Jo as our travel planner for over five years. We turned to Jo because as a family of four, including two teenagers, we could never agree on where to go, what to do and by the time we did, it was too late to get anything reasonable. Our passion for travel, before we met Jo, had often felt like a stressful ordeal. But meeting Jo transformed that overnight and she has been our saviour and dream maker creating many action-packed, fun-filled dream holidays for us.

We've been to all sorts of destinations: Sorrento, Tuscany, New York, Marrakech, New Orleans, Bali, Singapore, Mauritius, Vienna, Cochin, Porto, Lisbon, Seville, Cordoba, Granada and many other places that that I've lost track of but every single one has exceeded our expectations. Having met Jo I very quickly realised that she is no ordinary travel agent. In fact it would be a great injustice to refer to her as such. Jo rewrites the rules for the industry...

First and foremost, she is very passionate about her role. She will get to know each member of your family; she will ask not only what you like but what you dislike and from this she creates a unique travel experience with something for everyone.

She thinks of absolutely everything.

She will find you the best hotels, in the best locations and the best places to dine. She will look after you before, during and after your holiday. One word of caution - there is a high risk that you won't want to come back from a Jo-inspired holiday . In short, Jo creates breathtakingly unforgettable travel dreams and brings them to life for you and all your family.

Kirit Solanki


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