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"Jo has been more than a travel agent - she has been there for us throughout the pandemic" - Ferhin

We were first in touch with Jo in 2019 when planning our Easter 2020 wedding.

She was very passionate and enthusiastic to ensure she found us our dream honeymoon, responding to emails within minutes and clearly had a very good knowledge of numerous destinations. We originally decided on the Seychelles and Dubai for our post-wedding honeymoon and Jo took charge of everything: flights, lounge passes, transfers, hotel and food.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, our wedding was sadly cancelled as the whole country was placed into lockdown. We had a huge amount to reschedule and our stress levels were at a maximum worrying about losing all the money we had paid out.

However, Jo remained calm and assured us that she would do her very best to reschedule the honeymoon and ensure that we would not lose out.

Jo totally stuck to her word and managed to twice further reschedule. However as the months ticked by, the Seychelles was not allowing tourism from the UK, so Jo suggested we look at alternatives.

We considered the safer option to book a destination closer to home but decided to take the risk and opted for the Maldives twinned with Dubai.

Jo once again took charge of all the rescheduling and quickly provided a new itinerary along with all the key travel information, such as needing to take a Covid test 72 hours before flying and where we could get this done in the UK, in the Maldives and in Dubai. She also informed us of the various forms that needed to be completed in order to travel.

We have recently arrived back from the honeymoon of our dreams and cannot thank Jo enough for everything she has done for us.

She has been more than a travel agent; she's a kind friend who has been there for us every step of the pandemic and we look forward to booking all our future travels with her.


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