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"Jo makes dreams come true!" - Hannah & Iain

Hi Jo,

Thanks once again for introducing us to Mauritius and the beautiful Beachcomber Canonnier resort.

We had no idea where to start when looking at good value summer destinations outside of Europe, but you ‘virtually’ held our hands, and my goodness did you knock it out of the park!

You asked questions, you listened, and you recommended the pros and cons and we’ve fallen so much in love with both the island and Beachcomber we’ve now got additional trips planned that you’ve patiently advised and guided us on.

The process is made so simple – and whilst that’s a basic word, it’s a key differentiator for us. We turn up at the right airport at the right time and that’s pretty much it! You advised us what to do when landing at the airport to navigate immigration, where to find our private transfer and then we arrived in paradise at the hotel – job done!

Your recommendations ensured that my ‘I just want to feel special’ was delivered more than I could ever have imagined - that’s absolutely how I felt from start to finish.

You have nurtured great personal relationships with the artisans at the hotel - I’ve never experienced a travel advisor having direct rapport with the management - so when needed you’re on it straight away. What a peace of mind!

We’ve loved the comfort of a two-bedroom family room/ apartment. With two untidy teenage boys you knew that family time, and space, would be key. You nailed that, too.

From the amazing all-inclusive food, the drinks, the entertainment, and the location (wow!), we now have Mauritius etched in our hearts, along with buckets full of important family memories.

Your knowledge of Mauritius enabled us to visit amazing places, try new experiences, and make the most of our time.

Jo, you’re far from ‘just’ a travel adviser. You’re not complicated, you’re honest (and I need that!) - and you make dreams come true.

Ladies and gents - this is a remarkable lady who ‘gets us’ and whom we trust to find our perfect holidays with our special people 😊.

Hannah and Iain


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