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Jo’s Blog: Bigger & Better. Introducing Travel Counsellors...

I am excited to advise that as part of the recent acquisition of Holidaysplease by award-winning company Travel Counsellors, I have decided to operate my business as part of the Travel Counsellors community from 1 July.

So, what does this mean for my clients?

It’s good news.

I am now affiliated with a company just named in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023.

Not only is their ethos towards people and service aligned with my own but their platform and cutting-edge tech gives me the opportunity to provide an enhanced quality of customer experience and value.

Nothing changes.

If you have an existing booking it remains exactly as it is, with the same protection and security, and managed by me.

Existing and new enquiries likewise but prepare to be wowed by a shiny new quote format and a client app which drags me happily into the 21st century at long last!

Future emails will come from my new Travel Counsellors' email address, and you may see a few rebrand changes across my website and socials.

That’s it. Same Jo with more service, more support, and a bigger and better business than before.

Happy days.


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