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“All we had had to do was turn up and enjoy the ride” – Nicola & Lisa

I cannot recommend Jo highly enough - a total professional.

She did an incredible job piecing together our Peru adventure during Covid times, going through our itinerary with a fine-tooth comb, arranging all flights, transfers, and all the tiny details that we didn’t even think about.

All we had to do was turn up, sit back (well not that much sitting actually) and enjoy the ride.

Jo remained on hand throughout, messaging us, checking in and keeping us informed about changing legislation; and making sure we saw everything to create a trip to always remember.

Thank you, Jo.

Nicola x

I would second that. It was an awesome experience and Jo did an equally impressive job sorting my Everest base camp trip out within a few days of the original company that I had booked with cancelling just a few weeks before.

She was recommended to me by my brother Jason after I lost my partner and I now arrange all my holidays with her. When I travel, it’s important to know the support is there if needed and I know if anything goes wrong, Jo is on hand.

She helped me step back in time with a commemorative trip to Cyprus after Peter died as well as trips to Thailand, Dubai, and my 50th celebration in Amsterdam to name but a few.



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